Nashville,Tenn--Monchiere Holmes-Jones is the founder and Chief Brand Curator of Mojo Marketing + PR,LLC in Nashville, Tennessee. She has over 14 years experience in the public relations field and is, according to her bio, 'a passion-driven entrepreneur, professional speaker, idea maven, and an advocate for women business owners Tennessee.'


Monchiere launched Mojo Marketing + PR in 2011 as a boutique marketing + communications company that assists growing small businesses--who may only have grass root marketing budgets--with big brand strategies. Mojo has specialized in brand launches, content strategy and development, and social media marketing.


'We create brand magic--that is our Mojo,' says Monchiere.


When asked about giving advice to other entrepreneurs, Monchiere (who is also a mentor) says to consider if their brand and product or service line will still be relevant after seven years.


'Plan and brand for the long term,' she suggests. 'Brand creativity is very important--Mojo specializes in innovative ideation for result driven events, creating experiences that enhance consumer loyalty and brand awareness,' she adds.


Notable among her recent successes was her work with the U.S. Postal Service(USPS). Monchiere attended an SBA Government Contracting event on July 28, 2016 and met in a 'matchmaking' session with a USPS procurement officer. 'I marketed to them from July to September,' notes Monchiere. The result was a contract to market the unveiling of the first USPS Nativity Stamp since 1976--an unveiling and launch that took place in Washington, D.C. amid great media coverage and success.


'We've curated brand experiences with many other companies and organizations in addition to the USPS--including Mazda, Old Time Pottery, Mixtroz, UrbanFest, White Castle and many more,' notes Monchiere.


Monchiere has a growing reputation in middle Tennessee and beyond state borders for her effective presentations and marketing strategies. As a Marketing expert for the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and also a Nashville SCORE Chapter mentor, Monchiere’ also volunteers her time to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners build their dreams.

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