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Aerosol Recycling


Bells,Tenn--Cherry Rains is the CEO and owner of Recycle Aerosol and winner of the 2016 Tennessee SBA Rural Small Business Award. Recycle Aerosol’s facility in rural Bells, Tennessee was founded in 1990 in a trailer—a great contrast to the firm’s current facility comprising almost 40,000 square feet. Aerosol Recycling has made a successful business from reclaiming a variety of commercial and healthcare aerosol and non-aerosol products that are returned from manufacturers and retailers as either off-spec, out of date or seasonally-packaged. Ms. Rains’ firm was recognized for “large hazardous waste reduction” with the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award in 1993. According to Aerosol Recycling’s website, supply chain professionals have given Rains’ very favorable testimonials: “It’s a 50% reduction in our hazardous waste cost. Hazardous waste is an expensive proposition. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it saves the company money...annual savings of six figures are achieved.”


Aerosol has provided recognized leadership in sustainability. In 2011, Recycle Aerosol was recognized by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation for excellence in “Environmental Stewardship” for its Zero-Waste Processing that enabled the recovery and recycling of more than four million aerosol cans in 2010. A single customer saved more than 180 tons of metal, recycled 28 tons of plastic and reclaimed more than 130,000 gallons of liquid product, according to Ms. Rains. Recycle Aerosol has also benefitted from another SBA program--the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC).


The Rising Star TSBDC Award is presented each year to an entrepreneur who successfully reaches new benchmarks in their company’s success. The 2011 Rising Star Award was presented to Recycle Aerosol, LLC. Ms. Rains and the TSBDC’s Meleia Evans worked diligently on a new business plan which resulted in the company successfully obtaining capital for an expansion of Aerosol Recycling. This expansion has resulted in increased sales revenues, which provided the company strength and paved the way for the creation of new jobs on the horizon. The Rising Star Awards are given to Tennessee businesses based on the recent phenomenal growth of the business, as well as the business’ involvement in the local community.


In 2012, Recycle Aerosol finished construction on a new Aerosol Processing Facility. The new facility increases processing capacity to 270,000 cans a day, giving it the largest capacity in North America. All staging and processing takes place indoors and utilizes 3 custom-engineered aerosol recycling lines. On June 15, the Tennessee SBA Acting District Director, John Mallano and District Office Rural Liaison, David Tiller attended an awards ceremony--honoring Ms. Rains-- in Bells. Invited guests, along with Crockett County Mayor, Gary Reasons, the Aerosol Recycling employees and TSBDC Director, Maleia Evans attended the ceremony and received a guided tour of the huge facility. In accepting the award Ms. Rains said, “It is an honor to be considered and a blessing to have been on the receiving end of this award. Thank you for all your encouragement and work in this award acknowledgment.”


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