Memphis, Tenn.—Dr. Ivory Taylor and Dr. Joyce Taylor are both successful small business owners of Taylor Apothecary, a Memphis-based pharmacy firm. Dr. Ivory Taylor is a retired U.S. Army master sergeant whose last tour of duty in the 1990s was running the Mississippi ROTC program.  Dr. Joyce Taylor was a pharmacist for over fifteen years with Walgreens before joining her husband and formulating plans for the first and second Taylor Apothecary locations.

In 2008, Taylor Apothecary participated in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s e200 program. “The goal of the SBA Emerging 200 initiative is to identify 200 inner-city businesses across the country that show a high potential for growth—and to provide them the network, resources and motivation required to build a sustainable business of size and scale. SBA is increasing outreach to areas historically challenged by high levels of unemployment and poverty,” according to Tennessee SBA District Director Walter Perry.  The e200 program has also been compared to a “Mini-MBA” by many of its graduates. Ivory and Joyce Taylor have attended subsequent e200 graduation ceremonies and have been featured speakers in support of the nationally successful e200 program.

Under the SBA loan guaranty program, Taylor Brown Apothecary also received an SBA loan to expand its operations in 2007.  Another program, sponsored by the SBA, the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has also assisted the Browns’ pharmacy business.

Taylor Brown Apothecary has been a client of TSBDC since March 2003 when it started planning the opening of its first pharmacy. TSBDC assisted with its business planning and capitalization efforts. Recently, the company has announced it will be expanding its operations in the Mid-South, opening five new stores, four of them in the Memphis area. “The expansion will put us in position to take full advantage of the new health care legislation recently signed into law by President Barack Obama,” said Dr. Ivory Taylor. He added, “The revolutionizing aspects of the healthcare industry directly affect the population segments our company has made its primary areas of concentration.”

Taylor Brown Apothecary’s mission is to “foster an environment that helps promote both healthy living and healthy lifestyle choices; ultimately to build communities that support good health.” The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business ethics, quality management and leadership principles. “We strive to always provide exceptional customer service and competitive pricing, and to develop ongoing relations with our customers, building always on honesty and integrity,” stated Taylor.

Doyle said, “The company has a very strong, positive reputation in the area and is widely known for its good customer relations and quality products.” Taylor Brown Apothecary is located at 568 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38105. PH: 901-527-2411. www.taylorbrowngroup.com.

Doctors Joyce and Ivory Taylor have been recognized through many business and professional awards, including:

•             2007 Facility of the Year Award, Black Business Association

•             2008 Community Service Award, City of Memphis

•             2009 Top Woman of Excellence Award, Tri-Star Defender

•             2010 Top Man of Excellence Award, Tri-State Defender

•             2010 Company of the Year Award, Black Business Association

“We’re very fortunate to have been part of the SBA e200 program and have benefitted from the SBDC assistance as well,” notes Ivory Taylor.

The SBA helps people get in business, stay in business and grow their businesses. For more information on SBA programs and services please visit the SBA website, www.sba.gov or contact the Tennessee District SBA Office, 2 International Plaza, Suite 500, Nashville, TN 37217 (615)736-5881, www.sba.gov/tn