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TEVET-Veteran Owned Business Servicing Our Warfighters

TEVET-Veteran Owned Business Servicing Our Warfighters


Greeneville, TN

35 employees



  • In 2004, Tracy Solomon found TEVET, LLC, which provides supplier precision modular instrumentation, subsystems, and complete test stations for the defense and aerospace industry.
  • In 2004, Mr. Solomon needed financial assistance to launch his business.


Solution: How the SBA helped

  • Through a recommendation of his mentor, Mr. Solomon reached out to SBA for financial assistance.
  • The SBA approved a $250,000 Patriot Express loan to TEVET.
  • This loan enabled the business to enter the industry, support new customers, and provided a financial catalyst which propelled the business to future success.


Successful Impact/Outcome

  • In 2018, TEVET is completing a brand new headquarters in Newport, Tennessee.
  • The business has made the Inc. 5000 list for five years in a row, and has shown 119 percent increase in growth.  
  • Originally, TEVET had offices in Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas before establishing its headquarters in Greenville, Tennessee.
  • Through its joint ventures with Lockheed Martin Corporation, TEVET was nominated and awarded the 2018 Regional Subcontractor of the Year.
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Greeneville, TN