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A Golfer’s Solution to Torn Pockets

Vietnam Era Veteran Silvestre Aguilar Trevino, Jr. is the inventor of Ready Tee, an innovative, golf accessory! The pioneering tee carrying-clip is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and is made of lightweight polypropylene, originally designed to hold three golf tees and, can double as a personalized, marketing product for companies.

It all began with a recurring problem faced by Trevino. Frustrated by the holes in his trouser pockets caused by carrying sharp, golf tees and the constant heckling about his torn pants from his golf friends, he decided to invent a solution to his problem. He soon created the Ready Tee! Not only did it solve his original issues, it also minimized the time lost looking for an extra tee in the tee box or running to the golf cart to grab another tee.

Silvestre Trevino, Jr. contacted the UTRGV Small Business Development Center (UTRGV SBDC) in 2014, to begin the process of commercializing his golf-tee accessory.  With guidance from UTRGV SBDC, Trevino completed the business plan for his product. He also obtained market research, as well as financial projections, cost estimates, and pricing information. With encouragement and feedback from UTRGV SBDC, Trevino competed for and was an award recipient of the 2016 McAllen Innovation Grant contest held by the McAllen, Texas Chamber of Commerce. He used winning funds, along with external investment, to continue to develop his product.

Since then, Trevino has worked with UTRGV SBDC to determine the value of his business and strategize product improvements. Recently, Trevino was approved for a $49,000 loan from PeopleFund an SBA approved micro lender. This funding will help him move forward with commercializing the newest Ready Tee. Trevino has developed a new version of Ready Tee. The newer model holds up to four tees and is flatter than the original, creating more space for advertisement!

Trevino continues to work with UTRGV SBDC in updating his business plan and sales projections, as he develops new products and expands into new markets. Ready Tee is homebased and he employs three part-time staff members but will hire an additional two once he purchases a new specialized printer.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Trevino states.  “I’ve gotten a lot of help from a lot of great people at no cost such as the SBDC, SBA, Chambers, LiftFund and PeopleFund.  “My plan is to one day pitch Ready Tee on Shark Tank.” Furthermore, Trevino attributes a lot of his success to his family especially his son who has been supportive working alongside him.

Company Name: 
Ready Tee
Home-based in Harlingen