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International Trade brings Success to local Small Business with SBA assistance

CECA Supply Export Service

“What I like most about owning a small business is having the ability to make quick decisions and to adapt quickly to new market conditions,” according to Maher Touma, CEO, CECA Supply & Services, Inc. The successful U.S. drilling export service was established in Houston, Texas in May 2002 and has seen exponential growth thanks to various programs available from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

While a lot of new small businesses benefit from the 7(a) guaranteed loan program, in order to grow their business globally, assistance needed doesn’t end there. “We have used the SBA Export Working Capital program to help with expanding our services to other countries such as Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.” said CECA President, Rami Touma. “We have been able to order and provide supply-on-demand in the Oil and Gas industry overseas while managing a steady growth in a little over 12 years.”

Starting as a simple concept export business in 2002, CECA Supply & Services has grown to become a Houston area leader averaging over $30 million a year in gross profit.  However, their success is not simply reflected in their profit margin; they have a few Presidential Commerce awards to solidify their impact as a local export leader.

“We have received the 2010 Presidential E Award and the 2016 E Star Award for exporting excellence” Said Maher. “We represent exclusively several U.S. manufacturers who have a large installed base in our markets and that insures a steady stream on spare part orders. We have been able to offer favorable payment terms to our clients because we have an EXIM working capital facility.” This level of planning and flexibility are attributed to the awards that CECA Supply & Services, Inc. have received over the years.

The company has purchasing arrangements with over 100 North American manufacturers and distributors. However, over 70% of what CECA buys comes from their 10 largest suppliers in the U.S. Their major suppliers are Russel Oilfield Equipment, Derrick Corporation, Pettibone/Travers, Cameron, Cam-Tech Products, TSC Manufacturing and Supply. Their success is relationship based, through hard work, research and development of new business relationships.

As a Houston export leader, they remain focused on the impact that the business has on the local economy and community. “We support several local, national and international charitable organizations by helping homeless women, children and refugees,” stated Maher. “If you work very hard, surround yourself with the right people and treat your clients and suppliers with respect, you will be rewarded with success!”

CECA’s goal for success in the future is to sustain and grow, and look into new technologies to improve their services for current and future clients. All attainable with assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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