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Baby Glance

Picture of Stephanie Wilkes, owner of Baby Glance

(4 employees) When Stephanie Wilkes’ husband relocated to Midland, TX, she quickly realized there were limited places in the Permian Basin where pregnant women and families could view their baby via elective prenatal ultrasound.

Stephanie, who was seven months pregnant at the time, sought to open her own business to offer gender determination ultrasounds and 3-D/4-D ultrasounds for the families in Midland.

After doing research and preparation, Stephanie created a detailed business plan and visited the University of Texas Permian Basin Small Business (UTPB) Development Center (SBDC) in September of 2013.  The counsellors at the UTPB SBDC provided valuable assistance with financial projections.  They also helped guide her through the bank loan process and how to prepare for bank financing. The counselling services provided to Ms. Wilkes were instrumental in her being able to get a loan to open her new ultrasounds business called Baby Glance.

In January 2014, Stephanie officially opened Baby Glance, LLC in Midland, Texas. Then in October 2014, Stephanie opened her second Baby Glance location in Lubbock, TX. In the future, she would like to eventually expand Baby Glance to other locations and pursue other business ventures. Stephanie’s advice to future start-up businesses would be to “Expect the unexpected” and make sure you take advantage of the valuable assistance from the UTPB Small Business Development Center.

Company Name: 
Baby Glance
Midland, TX