Nelson’s Organ Service Center

After serving in the United States Air Force for 20 years, African American businessman, Nelson Wilson began his second career in the musical business.  Wilson started working at S&M Music Company where he learned the retail and service side of the business.   Three years later, he was given the opportunity to purchase the business from the previous owner.  With the help from his lender Leslie Ellis of First State Bank of Abilene, and direct assistance from employees of the Lubbock SBA Office, he was able to secure an SBA loan in order to purchase the business.  He immediately changed the name of the business to Nelson’s Organ Service Center and focused more of his time on the service side of the business and began tuning pianos, repairing electronic keyboards and organs.  Currently, he does most of his work for churches in Abilene and in the surrounding communities.

When he began, there were three other music stores in Abilene, but all three have had to close their doors.  When these stores closed, the business owners contacted Mr. Wilson and asked him if he would take care of their customers as well.  They knew of Mr. Wilson’s excellent work ethic and good reputation, and wanted to ensure that their customers would continue to receive quality service.  Now other store had contacted him and gave him their client list to continue to serve the customers in these areas Organ Service Center is the only left.

Wilson said he has had a very interesting career and can’t believe how fast it has gone by.  He said that the SBA and Leslie Ellis of First State Bank is what gave him the start he needed and would never have gotten off the ground without their assistance.