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Subway - Tim and Denise Coulter

In 1995 Denise Coulter came to Abilene SBDC to seek counseling for buying a Subway Sandwich Franchise. After receiving a business plan at the SBDC, they obtained an SBA loan through Texas Heritage Bank in Cross Plains and bought the land, building and all the equipment. This first Subway Sandwich Shop was located in Cross Plains. The money from the store was used to make repairs to the building and sustain the business.

In 2001 they opened a store in Cisco with another SBA loan. This was when they finally began making profits. In 2003 they opened yet another store location with help of an SBA loan. At this time Tim was able to leave the oilfield and work as manager for the stores. In 2005 they opened a store in the Abilene Walmart Supercenter. The following year they purchased 4 more stores locations in Abilene with the help of an SBA loan. Over the years they opened, sold, and relocated different stores throughout the region. After 21 years of operation, they now have 8 Subway Sandwich Shops with a total of 70 employees.

Denise grew up in Midland, graduated from high school, obtained a Bachelor’s degree, worked as a dietician, had a family, went back to school, obtained her Master’s degree, and worked at San Angelo State as a biology instructor. Denise knew from an early age she always wanted to run a business. At the age of 10, while playing, she wrote a work order with specific instructions of how the work was to be done: “Do a good job; do it quick; do it in hurry; and very good. I will fire you if you don’t do it very good.”

During her senior year in college, Denise took a restaurant management course which became her favorite class and her dream from that point on was to own a restaurant. She went to a Subway in San Angelo, loved that the food was prepared in front of you, they had healthy choices, and it was a new concept at the time. This started the path to business ownership.

It is clear that Denise and Tim Coulter are very hard working individuals who depict the spirit of true entrepreneurs. Even more impressive is their determination to not give up and fight through the adversities and become successful and respected business owners.