SANA International


SAN ANTONIO, TX - SANA International is a San Antonio-based company engaged in the export of transportation and industrial equipment and machinery globally. Since its inception in 1994, President/CEO Jorge Sanchez has guided SANA International to become a million dollar exporter that has expanded well beyond its initial market of Mexico and now includes regular clients in twelve countries in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Approximately, 98% of company sales are exported. It focuses primarily on the sale of equipment to the oil and gas industry, marine, food & beverages and renewable energies. SANA International places strong emphasis on after sales service and providing solutions to its clients' industrial and transportation equipment problems. SANA International and its sister logistics company, United Supply Chain has grown from one employee in 1994 to 28 employees, all of which are 100 percent export-dependent. SANA International has worked closely with SBA resource partner, the UTSA-International Trade Center to identify potential buyers and relevant trade shows for different products in multiple countries to help the company expand and grow. The company regularly exports to the following countries: Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Mr. Sanchez recognizes that the key to export success in many parts of the world is based on relationships and that a degree of trust must be established. This requires face-to-face meetings on a regular basis. Consequently, Mr. Sanchez and other employees are constantly traveling the globe to establish and cement relationships with new and potential customers. SANA International's strategy is not simply to export equipment, but problem solving. It will work with customers to provide a range of equipment from different suppliers to provide a solution to a given industrial problem and to simplify purchasing for the customer. This may require teaching customers the most efficient way to use a product and to suggest ways in which equipment can be better maintained. SANA also provides considerable after sales support, including providing spare parts and repairs. SANA International sponsors interns from San Antonio College and universities. These sponsorships have helped the company hire qualified employees. It has also sponsored a number of foreign students studying in San Antonio with the aim of increasing employee knowledge of the student’s countries and markets, as well as providing a positive experience for the students. Mr. Sanchez has served as a speaker at conferences on how to do business in San Antonio and has presented on export topics to organizations and universities in San Antonio and Mexico. Mr. Sanchez is a member of the Free Trade Alliance, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International, San Antonio World Affairs Council, San Antonio Museum of Art, The Nature Conservancy, San Antonio Petroleum Club, as well as a children's advocate for them to achieve better opportunities through continuing higher education. Mr. Sanchez won the San Antonio's District SBA Small Business Exporter of the Year in 1995 and 2011. Business Information: Jorge G. Sanchez, President/CEO, SANA International, 4772 Research Drive, Northwest Corporate Center – Building “C”, San Antonio, TX 78240, Tel: 210-696-3655, fax: 210-697-2461, E-mail: