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Success Stories

Dr. Jeanette Hill in the laboratory

Successful businesses are fueled by great ideas and great ideas are driven by inspiration.  The inspiration that Dr. Jeanette Hill needed to start her business revealed itself while her mother, who lived in a rural area, was battling a chronic disease.

Once the proverbial light bulb flashed within her head, the real challenge arose - a challenge that is never easy - giving life to a notion that existed only in her mind.

Not every idea is out of the box, many times great ideas and innovations come by exploring ordinary ones in a different way. Dr. Hill's revolutionary idea was to create a simple kit that would allow a few drops of blood to be collected away from a lab then be safely sent to in for analysis. Thus, the HemaSpot device was born.

The HemaSpot device is based on dried blood spot technology, a technology that has been known for more than five decades and is best known for its use in newborn screening. The greatest impact would exceed beyond the U.S.... Read More

Rosalva Guerra & Claudia I. Villarreal


Edible Arrangements

Mrs. Rosalva Guerra and Ms. Claudia I. Villareal opened their Edible Arrangements franchise in Laredo, Texas at The French Quarters in December of 2011 and have been providing the Laredo area with the freshest fruit arrangements and bouquets to “make life a little sweeter for the community” ever since.

In the months prior to their opening, the two then potential franchisees made an appointment at the local TAMIU Small Business Development Center to receive counseling and guidance...

See their story by clicking the link.


SAN ANTONIO, TX - The name says it all: Dependable Health Services, Inc. (DHS). Joe Urby founded his company in 1996 to provide medical and non-medical staff to governmental agencies. On January 14, 2008, DHS was approved as an 8(a) certified company with the U.S. Small Business Administration to be serviced by the San Antonio District Office. Dependable Health Services, Inc. (DHS) knows that 8(a) certification does not guarantee business but did realize that it provides a vehicle to market the company to the federal government. It’s the marketing that has helped government customers know DHS. They market by regular onsite visits to military installations around the country. Traveling on a regular basis meeting their employees and contracting officials keeps the company on top of the performance of contracts. Joe Urby states, “SBA has supported DHS since 2008 when we applied for the 8(a) Business Development Certification Program. Business Opportunity Specialist Debra... Read More


SAN ANTONIO, TX - SANA International is a San Antonio-based company engaged in the export of transportation and industrial equipment and machinery globally. Since its inception in 1994, President/CEO Jorge Sanchez has guided SANA International to become a million dollar exporter that has expanded well beyond its initial market of Mexico and now includes regular clients in twelve countries in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Approximately, 98% of company sales are exported. It focuses primarily on the sale of equipment to the oil and gas industry, marine, food & beverages and renewable energies. SANA International places strong emphasis on after sales service and providing solutions to its clients' industrial and transportation equipment problems. SANA International and its sister logistics company, United Supply Chain has grown from one employee in 1994 to 28 employees, all of which are 100 percent export-dependent. SANA International has worked closely with... Read More