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Success Stories

The Utah SBA 2019 Growth Award was presented to Maize Tacos, owned and operated by Brian Noguera, during the National Small Business Week Awards Ceremony May 9, 2019, in Salt Lake City. This award recognizes the incredible growth that Maize has posted through the last year, marking an increase of 78% in net sales and a 70% boost in total transactions.

Noguera credits his parents with his strong work ethic. “The will to be successful has always been strong since my parents immigrated to the U.S. 20 plus years ago,” he said.

After graduating and working in the corporate world for a bit, Noguera knew he wanted to start his own family business. “We have more than 5 years of working our tail off in the food truck business. That’s where we have constantly strived to improve every single day. The learning and growth has come from long hours in the food truck business and now we’re turning a page and expanding into our first brick and mortar restaurant,” he said.

When... Read More

Colton Rasmussen is a charismatic, ambitious young man.  He has built a successful cabinetry business from the ground up, starting from a creative idea to a full production cabinetry plant.

Colton’s father owns a cabinet shop in Utah that Colton now competes with.  Although he learned a thing or two about cabinets from working in his Dad’s shop, he used his ingenuity to follow his own path.  In Northern Utah there is a company, Lewis Cabinets that builds cabinet boxes and fronts for business to business sales.  In 2012, Colton realized that he didn’t have the money to start his own manufacturing company so he made a deal with Lewis Cabinets.  He would hit the street, sell and install cabinets if Lewis would supply them for him.  Lewis agreed and Rasmussen Custom Cabinetry was born.

Lewis Cabinets were blown away by the ambition and hard work Colton put into his work.  Colton was a great client and they really enjoyed working with him. It didn’t take long for Colton to... Read More

Sammy Fan, principal of Enterprise Integration, has been named U.S. Small Business Administration Utah District Office Contractor of the Year. Enterprise Integration brings together a whole world of cloud-based information technologies, from data center solutions to cyber security, business intelligence, and software development to solve problems both in the private sector and for the Department of Defense.

“Sammy Fan has been available to other businesses that are interested in contracting with the government and has been open to questions and very helpful to them,” said Rachel Bennett, an Economic Development Specialist at the SBA Utah District Office. Sammy graduated from the SBA 8(a) contracting program last year.

“I wanted to put my fingerprints on the world by helping people adapt and change their businesses through the implementation of technology.  I talked my employers into investing into Enterprise Integration so we could add the federal vertical from a... Read More

Julia Robinson has wanted to own a bakery for as long as she can remember. As a 15 year old, she started working in the food and beverage industry and realized her passion for making delicious food and connecting with people was getting stronger.

“My favorite part of owning my own business is the sense of pride I feel when I tell people, ‘I'm the owner.’ It doesn't feel like work when you love what you do,” she said.

She started working at a local store bakery and then built on that experience by baking elaborate cakes for her kids' birthday parties. This quickly drew attention from her neighbors and friends. Soon after, she started a home-based cake-baking business. Julia continued baking from her home for a few years until a food-filled trip to France reminded her how badly she wanted to start a bakery of her own. She was also reminded on that trip how her father always encouraged her to be a dreamer and create her own path. So upon her return she started looking... Read More