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Global Consulting International

Picture of Sandeep Sharma

At a fairly young age Sandeep Sharma was determined to follow an educational path that would lead him to travel the world. Sandeep thought the quickest way to pursue this goal of traveling was through the IT industry, and thus pursued and received a degree in Power Electronics Engineering in his native India.

In 1992, Sandeep made his first trip to the United States. His worldwide travels had convinced him the one place where an entrepreneur could succeed was in the United States of America, so he decided that was where he would raise his family, and make his mark. Sandeep migrated with his wife and then two-year-old daughter to the USA in 1996 and began working for Oracle Corporation in Utah.

Sandeep worked hard over the next nine years to realize his dream, and in January 2005 Global Consulting International (GCI) was incorporated.  The company’s headquarters were in Sandeep’s basement, where he had two employees. With support from the Utah Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), and the SBA Utah District Office, GCI was accepted into SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program in September 2007.

Just as the company was gaining momentum, Sandeep’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, and subsequently passed away in 2009. During this time Sandeep was pushed to new physical and emotional limits, constantly traveling back to India to be with his mother while continuing to grow the company.

From a spartan beginning in 2005 with 2 employees, GCI has matured into a 130-employee company with 2012 revenues of over $20 million, and a three-year growth rate of 636 percent.  The company recently purchased and renovated the remaining half of a historical-class building it occupies in downtown Salt Lake City.

The value of good healthcare insurance coverage is not lost on Mr. Sharma, primarily as a result of his mother’s battle with cancer.  GCI strives to offer the best health coverage the company can afford to its employees.  Sandeep explains, “I’ve learned that addressing the human condition is more important than business.  It’s better to take a little less profit and to take better care of your employees, who are really your extended family.”

During the 16-day federal government shutdown in October 2013, GCI continued to pay all employees their full salaries and benefits.  Also, the GCI Foundation made a significant financial commitment to needy children during the 2013 Christmas season.

Despite all of his personal and professional success, Sandeep Sharma remains a humble man driven to succeed in life through his own set of standards, which are focused on doing well by others, and doing good to others.