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G.O. Green Enterprises

Economic Recessions have various effects on any company caught up in one.  Some companies are slow to adapt, and eventually decline, then die.  Others flounder through, become impaired, but are lucky enough to survive.  Then there are the companies that treat challenges as opportunities to diversify, grow and prosper. G.O. Green Enterprises, Inc., is one of those companies.

Started in 1989 by Garth Green, G.O Green Enterprises did business as Southwest Plumbing Supply, a sole proprietorship, in Cedar City, Utah.  Son, Mike Green starting working at the company at 8, and by the time he was a very experienced 18, Mike was manager of the HVAC branch. Seeing how successful internet sales could be by selling overstocked and stale inventory on eBay, Mike spearheaded the start of a major internet initiative in 2004 when the company invested $1 million in a software package to manage all aspects of the business, including internet sales.

Garth Green retired in 2005 and Mike became one of three new owners during the building boom.  When the recession hit in 2009, the company quickly changed direction to keep their employees working.  Mike hired a handful of Southern Utah University graduates to help create a management training program involving the company’s successful internet business.  They expanded services to include website development, marketing, call center support and order fulfillment services.

By 2012, the company had rebranded itself back to its original G.O. Green Enterprises name, and had added nearly a dozen online companies and other sales platforms.  Today, the company is a global retailer of plumbing, craft supplies, home décor items, home goods and sporting equipment.

Mike Green’s vision, initiative and persistence has helped create a company that employs 120 people in 12 locations and has over $21 million in annual revenues with a double digit annual growth rate.

For using innovative strategies to successfully reposition the company during challenging economic times, SBA is pleased to recognize E.O Green Enterprises with the 2015 Utah SBA Innovation Small Business Award.


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G.O. Green Enterprises
Cedar City, Utah