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Slide Ridge Honey

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Slide Ridge Honey

Martin James was 9 when he convinced his mother to enroll in a beekeeping class at Utah State University.  With the professor’s permission, Martin was able to accompany his mother to classes.  His fascination with bees had begun, but would never truly be satisfied…until he reached adulthood.

About a dozen years ago, Martin decided to turn his lifelong love of beekeeping into a profession.  Despite already having a successful floor covering business, Martin started Slide Ridge Honey in 2002 with a commitment to make it his full-time focus.  The family-owned business originally sold raw honey, but Martin knew the increasing numbers of beekeepers in his local area would not be good for the long term financial health of the business.

James’ experience as a business owner had proven that a company’s uniqueness and originality would give it the opportunity to thrive in a competitive marketplace.  So, the company started renting some of its hundreds of beehives to California almond growers and Idaho onion farmers to pollinate their blossoms.

Martin’s drive for sustained success fed the innovation that went into building his own vinegar reactor, a project that took seven years.  The reactor enabled the company to produce its own quality honey wine vinegar – a product which is sold by only a few companies in the world.  Slide Ridge Honey’s product has proven to be very successful, and has garnered rave reviews by food critics worldwide.  The company’s honey wine vinegar is currently sold in 14 states and through the company website.

Slide Ridge Honey continues to innovate, based on Martin’s boundless energy and creativity.  Additional vinegar flavors, a line of marinades, and other new products are currently in development.

For employing successful efforts to diversify the company, provide for a broader revenue base, and create opportunities for continued growth, SBA is pleased to recognize Slide Ridge Honey with the 2015 Utah Rural Small Business Award.      

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Slide Ridge Honey
Logan Area, Utah