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Streamrolling to Success


Steamrolling to Success

When the Bevans family, of St. George, opened a small retail copy and printing shop 20 years ago, they probably had little inkling of what their modest operation would eventually become.

Two decades later, son, Josh Bevans and his wife Stephanie, now the owners, are managing Steamroller Copies, the original company and a newer sister company, Design To Print.  With over 70 total employees, the two companies are evidence that what may appear to be a routine small business can be expanded into something much more significant over time.

“Our business is printing, but we don’t view ourselves as printers,” says Josh.  “We view ourselves as marketing partners.  Our goal is to help companies make money.  Our motto is: Help companies succeed – if they succeed, we succeed.”

Indeed, the companies have had some unique clients with demanding projects.  In 2002, Design To Print won a contract to create large banners for the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.  Following that success, the company has received contracts to produce large billboards for several Las Vegas businesses and is currently working on a project for downtown Manhattan.

After the Olympic Games project, Design To Print invested in a large project printer.  Capitalizing on the grand format the printer outputs, the company has done projects for billboards and cityscapes throughout the U.S.  In addition to large-scale print projects, the company has a network of 3,000 distributors throughout the country that sell Design To Print products.

Despite the many successes, company fortunes haven’t always been positive.  One of the most significant challenges the Bevans have faced is coping with the economic downturn.  “In 2008, when the economy fell apart, we experienced a real dip in our revenue,” relates Josh.  “We turned to the Small Business Development Center at Dixie State College for help, and they are the reason we are still here.”

SBDC counselors worked with the Bevans to evaluate their situation and then proposed some strategies that helped the business turn the corner, survive and thrive.  Partially funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the statewide SBDC network specializes in working with established small companies to help them with a wide variety of business issues and challenges.

“Steamroller Copies and Design To Print are cutting edge businesses for both our region and the global market,” says Len Erickson, Director of the SBDC at Dixie State. “They offer high quality printing and design, and have picked up some amazing contracts.”

You might say the two companies have steamrolled both the recession and their target market through hard work, determination, and with the help of the SBDC.

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