President Biden announced important changes to the PPP, including a two-week window for businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

Success Stories

Lynn Curtis is the owner and managing director of Children's Academy Preschool, the only accredited preschool in Cottonwood Heights.  She has been working as an early childhood educator for more than 23 years after beginning her career in family child care in her home. She then moved into a child care center and has been a teacher, director and center owner.

“I wanted to help working families by providing quality child care. Something I had a very hard time finding when my children were young,” she said.

Lynn is also an instructor and coach at Children's Service Society, a technical consultant for the Child Care Professional Development institute at Weber State University and a co-founder of the Director Network Group of Utah. She enjoys reaching out to other directors and centers to help them improve the quality of care. She loves teaching adults and watching them gain new insight as to why a child is behaving the way they do and knowing that they can take that... Read More

The Utah SBA 2019 Small Business of the Year Award was presented to Böhme LLC, a growing chain of 16 fashion boutiques, during the National Small Business Week Awards Ceremony May 9, 2019, in Salt Lake City.

Raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Fernanda (owner/designer and Vivien (owner/CEO) Böhme moved with their parents to Utah when they were 8 and 9 years old, respectively. Vivien, a self-proclaimed “numbers queen” was always interested in numbers and could make a financial spreadsheet at age 11, proving to her parents they could indeed afford a bicycle. Fernanda was and remains the creative one and built artistic displays as a child.

They have found their niche by focusing on helping their customers as individuals find something that makes them feel great. “Every woman deserves to be thought of as the most beautiful person in that minute. If Bohme can be in that moment we’ve done our job,” Vivien Böhme said in an article by Sarah Stokes dated... Read More

Picture of Joshua Bevans


Design to Print Inc.

St. George, Utah

Josh Bevans first thought of the idea for Design to Print Inc. in 1994 as he was speaking during a technology panel in San Francisco.  The subject happened to be the speed of technology advancement.  From that experience, he knew he wanted to build an ultra-modern, high-end graphic print production shop in Southern Utah.

In its infancy, the internet was just starting to gain traction, but he could see it was going where he wanted to be.  He figured that with the rapid advances of the internet, there was no reason he couldn’t offer world-class graphic services and pre-press production in the middle of the Utah desert  - and today that is what Design to Print Inc. does.  Stefanie, and Josh Bevans are co-owners of both Steamroller Copies Inc. and Design to Print Inc.  Josh is the CTO and Stefanie is the CEO.

When Josh opened Design to... Read More

Picture of Slide Ridge Siblings

Slide Ridge Honey

Martin James was 9 when he convinced his mother to enroll in a beekeeping class at Utah State University.  With the professor’s permission, Martin was able to accompany his mother to classes.  His fascination with bees had begun, but would never truly be satisfied…until he reached adulthood.

About a dozen years ago, Martin decided to turn his lifelong love of beekeeping into a profession.  Despite already having a successful floor covering business, Martin started Slide Ridge Honey in 2002 with a commitment to make it his full-time focus.  The family-owned business originally sold raw honey, but Martin knew the increasing numbers of beekeepers in his local area would not be good for the long term financial health of the business.

James’ experience as a business owner had proven that a company’s uniqueness and originality would give it the opportunity to thrive in a competitive marketplace.  So, the company started... Read More