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Sir Speedy Printing of Roanoke Relocates to Larger Location

Kamran and Anna Karbassiyoon, owners of Sir Speedy Printing of Roanoke, discovered earlier this year that recent growth of their successful downtown business made the original building too small. They needed additional space to accommodate their new business document management services and equipment. According to Anna, “Sir Speedy approached a point where we had to relocate to a larger facility to accommodate the needs of our customers as well as own growth for the future.” A two-story, 12,000 square foot building at 22 West Church Avenue in Roanoke was purchased and the first floor was renovated for Sir Speedy Printing operation. The new facility opened in May 2004.

Anna was born in Italy. When she was 15 years old, her father was transferred to Santiago, Chile where they lived for seven years. In 1979 she came back to the United States to attend graduate school and received a masters’ degree in chemistry. It was in graduate school that she and Kamran met. Shortly after getting married they moved to Roanoke from Massachusetts where Kamran was working as a fiber optics engineer. Kamran’s new job at ITT brought them to the Roanoke Valley. While Kamran worked at ITT as a fiber optics engineer Anna commuted to Blacksburg and worked as an electroplating engineer.

Anna and Kamran always wanted to own their own business. After thorough research they opened Sir Speedy Printing of Roanoke in June 1995. According to Anna, “My husband and I have technology backgrounds, we specifically liked printing and copying business because it was a way to serve other businesses and still be involved with high technology. What makes this business fascinating is establishing business with our clients where they consider us as part of their entity and utilize our services.”

Throughout the life of their business Mr. and Mrs. Karbssiyoon have relied on the Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center for assistance. Prior to opening the business Anna attended several training seminars/workshops offered by the Small Business Development Center. This year, when they made the decision to move to the new location, they met with Roy Baldwin, director of the SBDC, for advice on the move. According to Anna, “The SBDC has been very instrumental in assisting us in making the right decisions and helping us to avoid costly mistakes.”

The new location makes it easier than ever for business customers to order printing, scanning, archiving, mailing, online ordering, and document management services, according to Kamran. The business also continues to offer its customers competitive pricing on full-service digital printing and copying, as well as free pickup and delivery.

The business opened nine years ago with two employees and now employs eight people. The Karbassiyoons feel the new location will enable them to achieve their sales goals for the next 10 years.

For long-term customers of Sir Speedy Printing of Roanoke, there hasn’t been a problem finding the new business location at 22 West Church Avenue. The new facility, three times the size of the previous location, is just a couple of doors up from the original building.