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Success Stories

President and CEO of X Corps Solutions, Inc. gives direction to staff members Tabitha Henderson and Tori Oakley during a meeting in Stafford, Va.

Only 19 and fresh off the plane from Ecuador, he spoke very little English and would take on any job to stay afloat before eventually joining the Marines. This was the decision that would forever change his life both as a person and a businessman.

Cesar Nader is proof the American dream is alive and well today.

Although born in the United States, his mother moved them back to her native Ecuador when he was a young boy to be closer to her family. Opportunities in Ecuador for a single mother with young children were almost non-existent. They struggled for many years just to make ends meet. With little opportunity and chance for success Nader knew he had to return to the U.S. After his high school graduation, he asked his grandfather to help him return. His grandfather made a deal with him: earn $200 without asking family and friends for money and he would pay the rest. This was the first step in Nader’s American dream.

“I had no idea what I was going to do when I... Read More

            Devon Henry accepted his award, smiled for the camera, and humbly walked back to his seat. Upon returning, his family and staff congratulated him on another accomplishment. Recently, Henry has been receiving his share of accolades. Although they are for his business, they really represent his role as a leader.

            The credit goes to his mother for the support and developing his leadership skills from the very beginning.

             “My mother deserves a great deal of recognition. She has shown me what hard work, determination and a will to succeed can get you in life. She taught me skills that have allowed me to succeed in all that I do,” said Henry. “She has always guided me and serve as my mentor. I hope to do the same for my children.”

            Henry’s career has taken him from being in a corporate leadership program to owning his own business. He also volunteers his time to non-profit organizations.

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Devon M. Henry embodies a “Heart of a Champion.” The CEO of Team Henry Enterprises, LLC in Newport News leads the list of Virginia’s 2014 Small Business award winners. Nineteen total winners from across the state will be recognized at this year’s “Heart of a Champion” awards luncheon. Winners will be recognized during a luncheon June 13 at the Richmond Omni. Details about the event can be found at


The list for this year’s winners:

Small Business Person of the Year: Devon M. Henry, CEO of Team Henry Enterprises, LLC in Newport News Community of the Year: The City of Chesapeake, Mayor Alan P. Krasnoff Contractor of the Year: Marcos Silva, President of M&F Concrete Inc. in Manassas Sub-contractor of the Year: Roberto Ortiz, President and CEO of AVMAC LLC in Chesapeake Exporter of the Year: Sara McCaleb Baldwin, CEO of New Ravenna Mosaics in Exmore Minority Business Champion of the Year: Oliver Singleton, President of the... Read More
Adapting brings success to Fredericksburg's ILM Corporation

Opportunity is when hard work and luck collide. No one knows this better than Jason Cohen, President of ILM Corporation, a Fredericksburg, Va., company that provides document data entry, scanning, indexing and clerical services to large corporations, banks, universities and federal agencies.

ILM has experienced many ups and downs since Cohen’s father founded the company in Jamaica in 1976 with two other partners and entrepreneurial support from Cohen’s mother. In 1978, ILM relocated to Fredericksburg, establishing a sales office that supported the Jamaican data entry operation. The business eventually grew to 600 employees in multiple offices.

Cohen joined the family business after graduating from Old Dominion University in 1991 and entered into a difficult phase of the company’s history. By the end of the decade the bottom fell out on the industry due to a seismic shift in technology and work place attitudes. The company was reduced to six employees with one office... Read More