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Success Stories

From Hard Work to Hardware Success

In addition to extensive planning and research, Timberville, Va. entrepreneurs Randy and Shirley Andes brought over 25 years experience and a lifelong dream to realization when they opened Randy’s Do it Best Hardware in July 2001.

Over the past five years, their business has grown quickly due to Randy’s astute management style and their emphasis on excellent customer service. At Randy's Do it Best Hardware, “there is no business without customers”, he said. They go above and beyond what is expected from the minute the customer enters our doors.

Randy’s work experiences convinced him that his management style and customer relations skills would enhance his own business. Their business plan assured them that this small but growing regional community with estimated population of over 100,000 was ready for a new hardware store. Their store is located in Rockingham County and being native to the area, they realized that customer travel patterns are not typical in the... Read More

Entrepreneurs Find Their Own "Rainbow" to Golden Success

One of Virginia's newest franchise systems is poised for continued success. This success, however, was not found by seeking a mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but rather through hard work, dedication and an enthusiastic desire to provide a unique and much needed service.

Gail W. Johnson did just that with the creation of Rainbow Station, a full service franchised multi-building campus setting for early education, after school and summer recreational programs for children. This is the place where “teachers and nurses partner with parents to promote the success of each child” said Johnson. Over the years Rainbow Station has won numerous awards for its pre-school and school-age recreation programs and it is already a successful franchise operation.

This success, however, did not come overnight nor was the road an easy path to follow. Johnson was a pediatric nurse at the MCV/VCU School of Nursing in Richmond when she observed first-hand the lack of... Read More

It takes more than a Wizard to make a small business success

It was a cool December day in 1999 when Jose Ricardo and Fabiola Rendon left their natal land, Colombia, South America for the State of Virginia, U.S.A. in search of what their country could for afford to provide them at that time: the ownership of their business. With their hopes in high gear, they left to unknown lands where different traditions, language and customs would be the hurdles they would have to work against.

They spent their first Christmas in their friend’s home, enjoying the traditions of the season, and learning new experiences. “It never snow in our country and definitely it never gets this cold there” says Mr. Rendon.

After hard work and long wait, they managed to get a legal status in the United States. Mr. Rendon began working for a cleaning company where he learned the carpet cleaning business and met Arnaldo Paredes, a Guatemalan indigenous, who in time would become his business partner.

Mr. Rendon, have heard of the Business... Read More

Hines Funeral Services

Mr. Nathan Hines, a long time resident of the Martinsville/Henry County area, has had a life long desire, one which is shared by so many Americans. Having been in the funeral profession for most of his life, his greatest ambition was to manage, and ultimately be the owner of his own funeral home. With the devotion and support of his caring wife (Claudia), Nathan decided that the timing was right to move forward with his dream but also realized that he needed help.                                                                                                                                                              His first step was to complete a business plan, a plan which was first conceived many years ago. With the help of the Longwood University Small Business Development Center in Martinsville, the Small Business Administration and the determination and drive to see his dream complete, he assembled a board of directors and investors to set out and establish a full... Read More