Success Stories

Two amazingly talented artists (Jessie makes exquisite jewelry and Michael makes eclectic furniture). A passion for their fellow Vermont artists’ works. Plus an incredible shared eye for all things beautiful.

For Jessie and Michael Alon that means not just one gallery but two. One simply can’t contain their creativity and dedication. The downtown art boutique –DaVallia–features Jessie’s work combined with arts and crafts from fifty artists and on the way out of town –39 North Gallery– focuses on fine art, furniture and accessories for your home.

“Our business is special because we truly love what we do.  We elevate all aspects of our business to the level of art. We display differently, we think differently and we care. By being both artists and business owners we have the ability to apply our creative skills into our business plan. If you leave our gallery with nothing but inspiration, we did our jobs.”

Jessie and Michael say working with VtSBDC has allowed... Read More

When reading through a Burlington-based business’ social media platforms, one can’t help but notice how many women are praising its work.

On Facebook the company regularly receives five stars, on Twitter there are countless posts of appreciation and Instagram is full of images capturing the company’s trademark suite.

The suite is a free-standing lactation pod for nursing mothers on the go. It is the brainchild of Christine Dodson and Sascha Mayer, owners and founders of Mamava.

“Every day we receive tweets, emails and Facebook messages from moms thanking us for what we do. There’s nothing more rewarding,” said Dodson and Mayer.

The idea for Mamava came to light in 2006 after Mayer read an article in the New York Times about the difficulties many nursing mothers face when they return to work. At the time she was a nursing mother who could relate to the challenges mothers face sometimes and Dodson, Mayer’s co-worker at JDK Design, had experienced the same... Read More

Durable buildings, better indoor air quality, comfort and a significant reduction in the operating costs of building and businesses.  

The construction industry refers to this as high performance building practices and it’s the commitment HELM Construction Solutions makes to all its clients.

HELM Construction Solutions has clients throughout the country that include contractors, designers, institutions, homeowners and business owners.

"When we initially started this business in 2012 we never fully anticipated the demand. We're now working with over 50 clients across the country on a wide range of innovative projects and helping construction-related business owners balance the priorities of People, Profit and Planet as they grow their businesses," said Mel Baiser, HELM co-owner. “Part of our mission at HELM is to revolutionize the building process one company and one project at a time. We particularly enjoy working with building owners to help them navigate... Read More

Salted Bourbon, Vanilla Bean and Cold Brew Coffee are just a few of the flavors of goat’s milk caramel that Fat Toad Farm in Brookfield, Vt. offers.

The family-owned company makes eight different caramel sauces and sells their product all over the country. The caramel sauce is based on the traditional recipe for cajeta, a slow-cooked Mexican treat made with goat's milk.

Steve Reid and his wife Judith Irving and their daughter Calley Hastings have owned and operated the company for 10 years. The “family business” also includes Christine Porcaro, a longtime employee who has been critical to the business’ success.

It all started in 2006 when Josey Hastings, their oldest daughter, came back to Vermont from living in Mexico where she had learned how to make cajeta. The family farm had a few goats so they decided to take over their kitchen to make a batch of cajeta. Irving says if it wasn’t for that trip to Mexico, they would never have landed on this unique Mexican... Read More