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Success Stories

 In late 2008, Jody Hall, like her cupcakes, rose to the occasion. Increasing demand for her cakes offered at her three Cupcake Royale locations challenged her capacity to satisfy it. In addition, the volume of her catering and wholesale merchandising was also dramatically rising. New facilities were in order, and in a new location. With her confectionary imprint in almost every key Seattle neighborhood—West Seattle, Ballard, Madrona—there was one outstanding—and inevitable—opportunity for Jody: Capital Hill.

The Hill is a dense, popular, highly cultured and affluent area in Seattle, a perfect fit for the warm, communal ambience characterizing Cupcake Royale. And soshe came to pass, on the Hill, the perfect space: East Pike Street, ensconced at street level in a brand new commercial condominium complex, spacious enough not only for a new café, but also for the wholesale cupcake production facility and the office space from which she could manage the business. Perfect. And... Read More

Ace Hardware of Silver Lake opened its doors in July thanks to SBA’s 7(a) loan program. Gary Skrla was laid off from his corporate job and headed to the SBA office in Seattle to discuss his business ideas with Ed Milan, a SCORE representative. After a few counseling sessions, he decided to follow his dream and open a hardware store. His past hardware industry experience helped him decide the ACE Hardware franchise would be a good fit.

He found the perfect location in Everett – a new strip mall in the Silver Lake neighborhood and worked out the tenant improvements details. Timing is everything. Skrla took advantage of the new lending incentives of increased guarantees and reduced fees. He worked out the details in his loan application and received financing through Seattle-based Fortune Bank and the SBA 7(a) Loan Program. Lisa Forrest, vice president with Fortune Bank said, “Gary is a perfect example of what can be done with an SBA loan. He has an incredible range of... Read More