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Wisconsin District Office Success Stories

Wisconsin District Office Success Stories

Debbie Hamedi, Owner Electro-Connect Inc

Electro-Connect Incorporated benefits from hard work, unique strategy and SBA counseling.  When it comes to running her company, Debbie Hamedi is not afraid of a little competition.

“We shine best with projects others shy away from tackling,” Debbie said.

Debbie and her husband, Hassan, are the owners of Electro-Connect Inc., a contract manufacturing company that specializes in complex medical and industrial electronic assemblies. Electro-Connect began more than 25 years ago with a single order.  Production took place in the basement of the Hamedi’s home.

That single order spawned an innovative company that has produced products for NASA’s space station and developed anesthetic gas monitors for use in operation rooms.

“In a nutshell, we’re reinventing the product development process,” Debbie said.

In order to better complement Electro-Connect, Debbie and her husband founded an engineering firm: D&H Global Enterprises. Through D&H, the couple developed the Rockhopper which is the “only completely open source Computer On module,” or in other words, a universal controller for electronic devices.

Debbie learned how to expand her business through the SBA’s E200 classes, a curriculum geared towards assisting women and minority entrepreneurs better manage and market their businesses.

The classes rely on the expertise of local business experts, who educate participants on topics such as government contracts, obtaining capital and strategic planning.

“As a direct result of the E200 classes—I am now focused on directing my companies rather than on the daily routine of running them,” she said.

Retired SBA employee, Robert Giesfeldt, said Debbie is able to effectively run her business because she knows it so well.

“She wears many hats in her business,” Giesfeldt said. “Debbie is always trying to improve her company.” 

Debbie highlights this point when describing how she put what she learned at the E200 classes to use in her business.  She now looks at financial records differently and makes a point to ask her accountant pointed questions about growing her business.

Debbie hopes to put this knowledge to good use in the near future.

“I’m planning for a larger team of employees, a bigger facility, and I hope to see the numbers double financially over the next three to five years,” she said. “Some great technological work is being done here.”  “It’s very exciting.”

Editor Note: Check out the cover of WI SBA's 2014 Wisconsin SBA Resource Guide - that's Deb.