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Success Stories

Success Stories

How SBA helps Parkersburg Business Owners “Never Work A Day in Their Life”

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.”  Chad Clark and Mark Binegar are proving this adage true with the assistance of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Clark and Binegar dreamed of owning their own cosmetology school for over a decade.  Clark would handle admissions and marketing and Binegar, a trained cosmetologist with over 25 years of experience, would oversee education.  Together, they put their heart and soul into developing a curriculum, creating a business plan, and designing a school they were proud to represent.  After a few setbacks, the team was ready to make the dream a reality; however they stumbled upon a roadblock that jeopardized all of their hard work.

Clark visited multiple banks looking for a loan to fund the start-up company.  Each bank led to the same response – “loan denied.”  That is, until Clark was connected with Tim James from the First Microloan of West... Read More

Pitching a Dream

Christina DeAntonia, born and raised in Morgantown West Virginia, had a dream - a dream of Hollywood and fashion. She, as the daughter of an entrepreneur, also had determination - so at the age of 19, she moved to Tampa Florida to purse her passion at design school.  

In 2005, after completing her education, Christina moved to Hollywood to achieve her dream of being a wardrobe stylist. During her five years in Los Angeles she did just that. Christina had the opportunity to work on commercials, music videos, independent films - and her overall dream, a feature film.  After conquering all she went to LA to accomplish, she was ready to continue her stylist career in the hometown she loved - Morgantown.  

Christina wanted to do something no one else was doing in Morgantown, so she decided to open her own boutique and bring Melrose Avenue to Morgantown. She had the dream but knew she had to pitch it to find the funds.

After shopping her dream around to multiple... Read More

From Unemployment to Entrepreneurship

Michael Baher found himself in a situation we are all too familiar with these days… unemployment. He constantly searched the classifieds and interviewed with local companies, but wasn’t satisfied with the available positions. He then decided to put fate in his own hands and become a small business owner.

Michael and his wife Cheryl saw a need for a packing and shipping store that would be open for extended hours and allow customers the capability to compare shipping rates.  The duo started researching franchise opportunities, but quickly realized the upfront cost just wouldn’t work for them. They decided to open an independent store where they had the flexibility to ship with all carriers instead of just one.

Michael and Cheryl emptied their 401k and embarked on a great adventure. In November of 2010, that adventure took on the West Virginia friendly name of Mountain State Pack & Ship, LLC.

Michael and Cheryl were able to open Mountain State Pack & Ship... Read More

Tucked away in the hills of Parkersburg West Virginia, Rolling Ridge Woods exports logs and lumber from the heart of the Appalachian region to countries all over the world.

Eugene Walters, the General Manager, credits the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Export Working Capital Program for keeping the company in business when the economy was in a recession. “We are deeply tied to the housing market and when the housing market took a hit, business was tough for a few years,” Walters said.

Although a forester by trade, Walters’ business sense is second to none. While attending a West Virginia Development Office meeting, Walters had a casual conversation with Leslie Drake from the US Export Assistance Center that may have saved the company.

Drake recommended the SBA Export Working Capital Program to help Walters shorten the payment cycle between the delivery of the goods and the payment for the product. “Because of the Export Working Capital Program, we have... Read More