Success Stories

Small Business Owner Receives 7(a) Loan, Access to Credit Line

It has been said by small business owners many times and in various ways, but Richard Kerns, Chief Operating Officer for Troy, LLC in Harrisville, W.Va. is quite sincere when he stated, “In all honesty, we wouldn’t be here today without West Union Bank and the U.S. Small Business Administration.”

Troy is a manufacturer of non-woven needle punch textiles of which 85 percent of their business relies on the automotive industry. The company’s roots can be traced back to 1865 when they manufactured horse blankets, the prevalent mode of transportation at that time, which eventually shifted to automobiles in the 1920’s.

With their corporate headquarters based in Troy, NH, the company decided to build an 85,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Harrisville in 1974 to enhance their growing automotive production line. Once the facility was completed, business remained steady for Troy until the latter 1990’s. That is when the automotive industry started to... Read More

Jay Reddy has lofty goals for his company. He not only wants to become the most successful small business in West Virginia, but be recognized as one of the best in the entire country as well. By the way, his company has been growing, it might not be very long until he attains that goal.

Reddy is owner and CEO of ProLogic Inc., a small disadvantaged, 8(a) business in Fairmont West Virginia that provides innovative information technology solutions for local, state and federal agencies as well as commercial clients. The company specializes in 3-D visualization, knowledge management, information technology support services and independent verification and validation services.

ProLogic started as a one-man operation in the West Virginia High Technology Consortiums incubator in 1995 and has grown to over 75 employees today. It has employees working on projects in 10 different states throughout the country.

“We’ve doubled in size last year and by 500... Read More

Mike Harris knew at an early age what he wanted to do when he grew up. While the neighborhood kids were out playing games and riding bicycles, Mike was hard at work at Home Industry, the local bakery shop.

This small business began about 100 years ago in the Adamston area of Clarksburg. The name came from local people baking goods in their homes and bringing them to the bakery to sale. After a fire destroyed the business, it relocated to Main Street in downtown Clarksburg.

Mike Harris was about 14 years old when he started helping out around the bakery. Later as a young man, his main job was as a driver for the City of Clarksburg bus service. His shift as a bus driver began around mid-morning, but the early hours would find him hard at work in the bakery shop.

In 1984, Mike and his young wife Pam were approached with an opportunity to purchase the bakery. Eager to fulfill their dreams of becoming small business owners, they put together a business... Read More

Did you ever wonder while sitting on an airliner at a boarding gate how the lights and air conditioning/heating system worked without those noisy jet engines running? Well, you can thank a small business located in Morgantown West Virginia that you have light to read your paper and are able to sit comfortably in a temperature-controlled environment.

FCX Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells solid-state frequency converters for commercial and military aviation, shipping, utility, and electric train industries. What in the world is a frequency converter, you may wonder.

“It’s basically a unit that takes AC power, converts it to DC, then reconverts it back to AC power that is acceptable to equipment with unique power requirements,” said Don Gallion, Jr., president and CEO of FCX.

Gallion founded FCX Systems, Inc. in 1987 along with four other individuals, and has seen the company grow from seven employees then to over 90 now. But it wasn’t... Read More