Success Stories

Jean Hawks has had to overcome a lot of challenges throughout her business career, but it hasn’t affected the outlook she has on life. Hawks, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Fort Hill Child Development Center in Charleston, WV, is never without a smile or a positive word.

Her daughter, Jamie Gaeger, who recently began working as the co-director and accreditation administrator, best describes Hawks as someone who has been “given the gift of patience, understanding, perseverance and forgiveness which she shares with every person she has touched.”

Hawks has always dreamed of helping her community in every way she could. That dream turned out to be the opening of a daycare and child development center. Hawks has two attributes that are essential elements of being a successful childcare giver. The gifts of being able to love and teach and managing the many challenges pursuing that dream presented.

“I was a single parent with three children,... Read More

Larry Zaccagnini is opening lots of doors for companies in West Virginia. No, he isn’t a doorman at some exotic resort or hotel, but the owner of a small business called Capital Doors located in Fairmont.

“We install and service industrial and commercial garage doors, coiling doors, shutters, fire doors and many other specialty doors,” said Zaccagnini. “We’ve installed doors from the size of a regular entry door to hanger doors. Sizes can extend to 60 feet tall and 40 feet wide.”

Zaccagnini purchased the business, which employs 15, in 1999 from Lyle and Bradley Helmick. He has worked at Capital Doors since 1990 as a sales representative and jumped at the opportunity to buy the business from the Helmicks.

“I worked and helped my father run a construction business for about 20 years,” Zaccagnini said. “So I guess you can say entrepreneurship runs in the family.”

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D.J.’s Diner located in Fairmont, WV, a family-owned restaurant specializing in classic American style food, is a classic example of how hard work can lead to success. It is also a good illustration of how the road to success is not without its ups and downs.

D.J.’s is owned and operated by the Rundle family, Donnie and Suzanne, along with their sons, D.J. and Erik. They work together to make the diner a unique experience for anyone who stops in. Donnie makes the sauces and specialties, including meatballs. Suzanne makes the desserts and D.J. handles the day-to-day management of the restaurant. Erik pitches in wherever needed.

“When we first opened in 1998, we worked at least 18 hours a day,” said D.J. “I personally worked over 100 straight days and a number of times brought a change of clothes with me.”

The Rundles came up with the concept of a 1950s and 60s style diner after years of research and community involvement. Donnie is a member of a... Read More

Little did Dallas Boyers realize when he opened a feed and farm supply store in the Marion county area in 1952 that it would evolve into one of the largest John Deere dealerships in West Virginia whose products can be found all over the world.

Middletown Tractor Sales is now operated by Dallas’ son and grandson, Jim and Adam Boyers, who make an excellent father and son team of small business owners. What Jim has taken and grown from his father Dallas, Adam has taken and grown to greater heights.

Dallas started the business in Mannington and sold farm equipment in addition to farm supplies and feed. In 1954 the business sold its first John Deere tractor and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. In 1971 the business expanded into a larger facility and was run by Dallas and his oldest son, Gary. Jim came into the business in 1978 and started managing the Fairmont branch in 1983. Throughout its long history the business has always been very “family” oriented. Elaine,... Read More