Success Stories


Janet Williams and Anna Carrier, Morgantown, WV natives, had successful careers working in a local law firm but their passion for making and eating sweet treats led them to entrepreneurship.

Williams and Carrier were colleagues for a short time before quickly becoming friends due to their passion for cooking and baking.  Carrier was attending law school and working at the firm where Williams was a paralegal. Carrier was obtaining her JD-MBA and knew she wanted to pursue her dreams of opening a business. Their friendship took a twist and turned into a partnership when Carrier told Williams she was leaving to chase her dream and Williams pitched the idea of a cupcake shop. You can say the rest is what you would call history.

The Cupcakerie opened in January 2011, and the ladies catered and provided deliveries until their storefront could open on Willey Street in September 2011. During this time they received counseling from SBA’s resource partner, the Small Business... Read More

Picture Of: Karen Myers Braun, Branch Center Manager – WesBanco; Robert L. Greer, Bridgeport Mayor; Milda Oliverio, Owner: Karen Friel, SBA District Director; Luann Bush, Vice President – WesBanco

Milda Oliverio has spent the past 39 years brightening the days of Bridgeport residents with her lovely flower arrangements. Oliverio’s Florist received their first SBA guaranteed loan through Bridgeport Bank over 35 years ago, which they used to purchase the infamous pink building where they are currently housed. A year later they received another SBA guaranteed loan through WesBanco, which had taken over Bridgeport Bank, to put an addition on the top of that building.

Since then Oliverio’s has thrived while providing beautiful bouquets to the community. During a “Be Sweet on Small Business” tour SBA’s West Virginia District Director, Karen Friel received the opportunity to hear how the loan made over three decades ago changed the community and life of Oliverio.

“It’s amazing to see the progression of what a lender taking a chance on a small business and a SBA loan-guarantee can do for a community,” states Friel. “Milda had a dream to own a flower shop in Bridgeport... Read More

You may never believe that sandals, handmade in Morgantown West Virginia, are gracing the pages of Vogue magazine in Japan, but they are! And the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) had a hand in making it possible.

 Gurkees Sandals are known for their rope sandals that are comfortable, fashionable, and artistic. The small business was established in 1984. Ray Sickles, the product’s largest distributor, decided to “buy his job” in 2009, so he could continue selling a product that he believed in.

To get started, Sickles turned to the SBA and secured a line of credit under the Recovery Act Loan to purchase the supplies he needed to take on owning his own business.

After owning the business for a while, Sickles came across a few challenges in obtaining the rope needed to manufacture the sandals. After attending a financing workshop held by Sharon Stratton, a business coach for West Virginia’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), an SBA resource partner, ... Read More

Judy McCauley, DD; Raja Sundaram, Owner; Tim James, Microlender

SBA Microloan Program Helps Successful Business Get Started

Chaang Thai Restaurant, North Central West Virginia’s only Thai restaurant, soon celebrates their third anniversary. Chaang   

Thai has seen great success in Morgantown and is open to further expansion in the future.

Raja Sundaram, originally from India, was an IT specialist working on a government contract in
Washington, D.C. when his wife, Pookie suggested they open a Thai restaurant. Raja dismissed the idea for six months but eventually got on board with his wife’s idea. After two years of extensive research, Raja and Pookie opened Chaang Thai in Morgantown, WV.

How did they do it?

Raja knew he wanted to open the restaurant in a college town that had 20,000+ students, a busy downtown, a stable economy, and he wanted to be the first Thai Restaurant in the community. All of these factors led him to WVU, High Street, in Morgantown, West Virginia. What kept him here were the great... Read More