Success Stories

Arria Hines, President and Chief Executive Officer of Allegheny Science and Technology, has a philosophy on Government Contracting: “…you’ll either love the government contracting arena or you won’t. A lot of the work is cyclical, many contracts are five years.  Every couple of years you are re-competing, unexpected things happen and there is risk to that. I happen to love it.”

Working for a government contractor as Director of Programs, Hines provided management oversight for an operation exceeding $120M in annual revenue; however, the contract was on its third re-compete and Hines felt it was time to take her part-time consulting business to the next level.

Around this same time, late 2007, Hines met up with Bob Wentz, the President and CEO of Information Research Corporation who provided mentorship and encouraged her to take the next step. Wentz later came onboard as her professional partner assuming the roles of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer... Read More

Gary and Bonner Adams - MacKenzie Dow Fine Furniture

In the early 1980’s the steel and manufacturing industries collapsed in Huntington,  WV, causing massive layoffs and closures of mills and plants.  The economic downfall caused a recession for the town. In 1987, a business incubator, United Huntington Industries, was created to foster small business in Huntington. One of the first was National Wood Products, a cabinet company, from Michigan.

United Huntington Industries brought in Gary Adams, a corporate attorney turned businessman, to run the cabinet door company. Adams eventually purchased the business, but shortly after his best customer began making their own
product, and sales declined, Adams kept the company afloat through 2001 when he met up with a Virginia furniture
maker who saw an opportunity to use machinery owned by National Wood Product to make high-end unique furniture.

Adams worked with the furniture maker on samples and saw great success during their first trip to Highpoint, North Carolina.... Read More

SBA’S West Virginia 2014 Young Entrepreneur Utilizes SBDC to Expand Dance Studio

You may have heard the quote, “When you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its toes to your beat.” Bridget Rowsey, owner of Bridget’s Dance Academy, finds this rings true in her personal and professional life - especially after recently receiving the coveted Small Business Administration’s West Virginia 2014 Young Entrepreneur award. With over 15 years of dance experience, Rowsey knew she wanted to make a career out of her passion. After receiving a degree in Business Management, a Minor in Economics, and a Minor in Dance from Marshall University, Rowsey was ready to make her dream a reality. At the age of 23, Rowsey began Bridget’s Dance Academy (BDA) in August 2010, by offering various styles of dance to 60 students. In 2011, BDA was training 90 students with 15% of them taking more than one class. 2012 lead to a significant increase of students. BDA had an average of 160 students enrolled, with 30% taking multiple classes. Rowsey quickly realized her 2,000 sq. ft. studio with... Read More

Adrienne Morgan, a first generation born Hispanic American, was born with entrepreneurial blood. Her father, who came to the United States not knowing English and without a high school diploma, has owned and operated a successful paint contracting company for more than 30 years.

“I grew up listening to the struggles and heart-aches of owning a small business while sitting around the dinner table,” states Morgan. Those struggles didn’t deter Morgan from wanting to follow in her father’s footsteps and one day opening her own business.  

Morgan received her environmental degree from Boston University and spent seven years working for the Nature Conservancy in Virginia. She and her husband were ready to move back to his hometown of Charles Town, West Virginia to raise their family in the wide-open spaces the land offered with close proximity to the District of Columbia. This move gave Morgan the opportunity she had dreamed of – to open her own business.

In 2004,... Read More