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Success Stories

By: Jordan Belser, Public Affairs Specialist, Wyoming District Office

LOVELL, WY – Lovell is a small town with 2,393 people and zero big-box retailers, shopping malls or five-star restaurants. It’s 92 miles from Billings, 230 miles from Casper and isn’t really “on the way” to anywhere. So how did a small town like Lovell become home to one of Wyoming’s premier construction companies?

It all starts with the owners.

Stacy Bair was born and raised in Lovell but moved to California after high school for a change of scene. It’s not uncommon for someone from a small town to move to the big city, but Stacy’s story is far from ordinary.

On her own in California, she had to find a way to make ends meet – college wasn’t an option. Bair says she worked odd jobs in order to stay afloat before landing a position with a roofing company.

“I started as a receptionist, then after a year I was promoted to a position in human resources. Then from HR I went to... Read More

By: Jordan Belser, Public Affairs Specialist, Wyoming District Office  

LOVELL, WY – Ben Snyder, a Wyoming native, got his start working as an installer for a phone company in Lovell. He performed run-of-the-mill installations, dabbled in IT and spent some time in the sales department. 

It was a job Ben says he was happy to have, but it wasn’t exactly his calling in life. As he continued working, he noticed some potential avenues of revenue the phone company couldn’t or wasn’t willing to pursue.

“We got approached a few times about wiring houses, which wasn’t something the phone company generally did,” Snyder said. “So, a buddy and I decided that’s what we’d do on the weekends, and that is when I started thinking about my own business.”

Snyder said he started performing his own work in 2005. By 2008 he was a full-time entrepreneur and busy getting his new company Home Technology Solutions off the ground.

“I was fortunate to have received my low-voltage... Read More

BUFFALO, WY – On the evening of June 3, 2015, a freak storm hit the Buffalo area, dumping inches of rain in a matter of minutes. By the time the sun rose, residents were already scrambling to pump water and remove debris from their homes and businesses.
Authorities declared Buffalo a disaster area – numerous roads and structures were affected by the storm, and many residents couldn’t leave their homes.

One of the businesses affected was the Blue Gables Motel and Coffee Bar in downtown Buffalo. The owner, Jimmy Henry, lives on-site and was caught in the crossfire.

“It came in a foot-high wave, through our property, and really hit an area with minimal drainage on the property,” Henry said. “They said we had a cloud ‘burst’ up on the mountain – meaning we got roughly four inches of rain in about three minutes. When it comes downhill like that, there isn’t much you can do.”

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