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Wyoming District Office Success Stories

Wyoming District Office Success Stories

 Scott Hecht started Wyoming Completion Technologies, Inc. (WCT) in Powell, Wyoming, in August of 1998 because he believed his designing and manufacturing of oil field down-hole tools would benefit the oil industry.

Shortly after going into business, oil decreased to $9.50 a barrel.  Oil drilling virtually ceased.  Faced with aggressive competition from large businesses and the challenge of rural living, Scott found himself relying on his other business, Western Engineering, Inc., to pay the bills while building WCT.  WCT continued to expand even during the oil bust and to produce down hole tools for established customers in the United States as well as many foreign countries. 

Scott acknowledges the contributions of agencies and individuals in the success of WCT.  Several of SBA’s Capline/FA$TRK loans allowed his business to grow and ship fifty percent of his annual sales outside the U.S.  With the guaranteed SBA loans, Scott had the seasonal cash/credit on terms he needed to pursue his dream and expand WCT.  Scott said, “Without SBA we never would have been around today; we will never forget you.”  WCT was presented SBA’s Wyoming Exporter of the Year award in 2004.  Over the last ten years WCT has increased its exporting and currently approximately fifty percent of its sales are international.

Looking back, Scott and his wife, Janice started the business with one CNC lathe and one mill and the two of them; now they have five lathes, two mills and employ 15-20 individuals in the area.  In July 2013 they went to a third shift in the production of parts.  Scott attributes the uniqueness and quality of his business to Janice, Mike Kvia, a top notch machinist, Martha Butwin, Department of Commerce, and Bart Langemeier, President, Bank of Lovell.

Scott and Janice received the U.S. Foreign Commercial Services Export Achievement Certificate during the 2012 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary.  They were also part of the first Gold Key Canada which is a program provided through Department of Commerce, one of SBA’s exporting partners.  American companies are matched with companies in foreign markets that can assist them to expand in the exporting field.

WCT has experienced increased growth and several awards for achievement but small businesses are never without challenges. The major challenge Scott and Janice face is logistics and shipping.  The average tool they manufacture weighs around 50 pounds and is shipped UPS or Fed-ex.  Heavier tools are shipped via LTL.  Being located in a rural state definitely contributes to the challenges of worldwide shipping. 

Scott says, “We currently deliver tools around the world and are in the process of a company expansion to increase our manufacturing capacity.  We have our own design team and licensed professional engineers and are able to customize tools based on individual customer needs.”

Wyoming Completion Technologies, Inc. provides an example of what small businesses in Wyoming can accomplish.  To find out about any of the programs mentioned in this article, contact your local SBA office at 307-261-6500 or www.sba.gov/wy

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