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Contracting with the government is a clever way to expand your business and as well as target market. Anyone who owns their own business and is interested in doing business with the government is encouraged to utilize the resources below to search for contracting opportunities.

To small business owners in Hawaii: Don’t think for one minute that you’re too far removed from the contiguous states to take part in these contracting opportunities! Below are several resources for you to peruse to give you an idea of the type of job notifications and one-stop procurement shops that exist.


PRO-Net is an electronic gateway of procurement information for all things small business. It is a search engine for contracting officers, a marketing tool for small firms and a "link" to procurement opportunities and important information. It is designed to be a "virtual" one-stop procurement shop.


Prime contractors will use SUB-Net to post subcontracting opportunities. These may or may not be reserved for small business, and they may include either solicitations or other notices -- for example, notices of sources sought for teaming partners and subcontractors on future contracts. Small businesses can review this website to identify opportunities in their areas of expertise. While the website is designed primarily as a place for large businesses to post solicitations and notices, it can also be used by federal agencies, state and local governments, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, and even small businesses for the same purpose.

Financial Assistance Programs

The State of Hawaii offers several programs to help businesses obtain loans, grants, and other investment resources, as well as to seek and encourage investments from sources both in and out of the State. Whether you're a prospective entrepreneur, an existing business in need of assistance, or a potential investor seeking new opportunities, the various programs listed below offers a host of resources that can help direct you to a variety of financing opportunities according to your specific needs.

Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation

The Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation's (HSDC) mission is centered around developing a sustainable venture capital industry in Hawaii which will stimulate the growth of viable new businesses. HSDC works to diversify the state's economy by commercializing emerging technologies and providing skilled employment opportunities for citizenry.

Near-term objectives are to develop venture capital investment funds in Hawaii which will attract external sources of private investment; to establish a fund of funds to raise capital for Hawaii venture funds, to expand the business infrastructure supporting the venture industry and the growth of emerging companies; and to assist entrepreneurial development through focused conferences and seminars.

Call (808) 587-3830 for more information.

Small Business Innovation Research Grants

The Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) is a $1.5 billion federal funding program that encourages small businesses to develop commercially viable technologies or innovations. Organized as a competition, SBIR allows small companies the opportunity to test high-risk theories and develop innovative technologies. To compete for SBIR dollars, small businesses respond to program solicitations issued by participating federal agencies.