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Office of Native American Affairs

Technical Assistance to Native Americans

The Office of Native American Affairs offers free technical assistance in helping firms with a wide spectrum of business disciplines such as marketing, strategic and operational planning, financial analysis, opportunity development and capture, contract management, and compliance. The types and substance of assistance available under the Program are dynamic, driven by dictates of the marketplace, technology, and specific firms’ needs. 

For technical assistance please contact:

Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
The purpose of technical assistance is to expand its existing training programs with: Executive coaching for businesses in the areas of sales, marketing and product management; financial management coaching and related topics. 

Oregon Native American Business and Entrepreneurial Network (ONABEN), Portland, Oregon and Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Provides a Peer Mentoring & Entrepreneurial Exchange Program will focus on building Native American microenterprise capacity throughout the States of Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.  Targeted Native entrepreneurs will work together to grow in business.    

Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma, Inc. (REI Oklahoma), Durant, Oklahoma
Provides technical assistance to create, develop and expand small businesses through the means of customized trainings and webinar sessions.  Such training include how to start a business, understanding taxes, marketing, human resources, government contracting and financial management.

The Native American Development Corporation (NADC), North Billings, Montana
Provides a pre and post technical assistance to Native-owned small businesses in preparation for success in government contracting through the SBA’s 8(a) procurement program and other federal and state programs.  Also promotes business relationships with private sector companies through matchmaking activities associated, conferences and workshops. 

Hi'ilei Aloha LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii
Provides capacity building services, including training, counseling and technical assistance to Native Hawaiian businesses, conducts 8 week entrepreneurship course for business start-up and growth for native entrepreneurs and provides assistance with branding, website design and marketing opportunities.

Central Plains Foundation, Inc. (GROW Nebraska), Holbrook, Nebraska
Partners with Lakota Hope Ministry and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension Services to offer training and technical assistance to entrepreneurs on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and in the Whiteclay, NE area and created a group of entrepreneurs who work together and support each other.

Indian Dispute Resolution Services, Inc. (IDRS, Inc.), Plymouth, California Indian Dispute Resolution Services, Inc. (IDRS, Inc.), Plymouth, California
IDRS, Inc. provides entrepreneurship training and technical assistance to tribal members throughout California, Nevada and Oregon to help them start and grow their small businesses.  Training workshops include business plan development, accounting and Quickbooks training, financial planning, negotiation and computer literacy.