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WEWCP2011.exe -- the EWCP Wizard Setup Program

The EWCP Wizard Setup Program will install the Wizard, Boilerplate and sample documents on your workstation.

Tip -- If you are not interested in downloading and installing the Wizard now, but just want to view or print the Boilerplate, click here.


  • A computer running under Windows 2000/XP/NT.  Windows 7 has not been tested, but if word functions, the Wizards should also.

  • Microsoft Word 2000 (9), Word 2002 (10), Word 2007 (12) or Word 2010 (14) to run the EWCP Wizard

  • The free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Boilerplate.

Installation Instructions

Note: The EWCP Wizard requires long file name support. Do not install it on a network that does not support long file names. Note CAUTION below.


  1. Click here to download and unzip WEWCP2011W3.zip (for Word 2003 and prior) or WEWCP2011W7.zip (for Word 2007 and Word 2010) (File size: approx. 7.5 KB)

  2. When prompted,  WEWCP2011.zip on your Windows Desktop.  Unzip WEWCP2011.exe to your Desktop.

  3. Locate your desktop, and double-click EWCP2011W3.exe or EWCP2011W7.exe.

  4. Fllow the instructions on the screen.
  5. When the installation is complete, you can delete WEWCP2011W3.exe and WEWCP2011W3.zip or WEWCP2011W7.exe and WEWCP2011W7.zip  from your desktop.

To start the Wizard after it has been installed:

  1. Start Microsoft Word

  2. In the File menu, select New

  3. Double-click on EWCP Wizard 2011.dot (W3) or EWCP Wizard 2011.dotm (W7).

To view the Boilerplate after the wizard has been installed:

Note: You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Boilerplate.

  1. Start the Wizard (see above)

  2. In the EWCP Wizard menu, select National EWCP Authorization Boilerplate

You can also view or print the Boilerplate directly from this web page.

About the Loan Agreement and Borrower's Certification Sample documents:

The standardized text for a Loan Agreement and the Borrower's Certification which is required by the Authorization is available in Appendix D to the Boilerplate. Additionally, an MS-Word file containing a copy of Appendix D (Filename: DEWCP2011.doc) was copied to your MS-Word document directory by the EWCP Wizard Setup Program.

If you cannot locate DEWCP2011.doc on your workstation, download it from the EWCP Authorization File Library.

To open DEWCP2011.doc:

  1. In MS-Word, select Open from the File menu

  2. Browse to the directory containing DEWCP2011.doc

  3. Double-click on DEWCP2011.doc