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The file library contains all Authorization-related files available on this Web page. A link that points to more information is usually provided within the file description. Click on a file name below to view or download a file (Note: Files have been automatically renamed by SBA's web application. However, the download names contain key words of the original name. The original names are show below because of space considerations.)

504 Authorization Files
File Name File Size and Description Date
  W3 -- This is the 504 Wizard 2009.1 Program and Setup file for Word 2000, 2002, and 2003.  SBA no longer supports Word versions before Word 2007. W7 --This is the 504 Wizard 2009.1 Program and Setup file for Word 2007/Word 2010. Click  here for installation instructions--Approx. 7.0 MB. This is a reissue for compatibility with Word 2007/Word 2010 only. 6/6/2013**
  Note: If you are having difficulty installing the Wizard, send an e-mail explaining your circumstances to  
A504v2009.1.pdf Approx. 818 KB - The National 504 Authorization Boilerplate. It is also included in W504v2009.1.exe and W504v2009.1W7.exe. 6/6/2013*
D504v2013.doc Approx. 66 KB - MS-Word file containing a copy of Appendix D to the Boilerplate (standardized text for the Opinion of CDC Counsel). 4/30/2013
WN504v2009.1.pdf PDF file containing a list of all changes in 504 Wizard 2009 (taken from A504v2009.1.pdf). 5/24/2009 National SBA Offices list (SBAOffices.txt), updated periodically. 8/8/2013
WizardFacts.doc Suggested operating system guidelines and Wizard operational hints. 5/24/2009
Link to SBA Form Library Used to download most of the SBA Forms required by the Authorization, including the new CDC Certification form (SBA Form 2101) from the SBA Form Library.  
* NOTE:  The W504v2009.1W7 file and the A504v2009.1 file have been updated to include the new D504v2013, Opinion of CDC Counsel, in the installation process.