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The mission of the Center is to efficiently process 7(a) loan guaranty applications and to provide assistance and oversight, as necessary, to lenders before and after submission.

The 7(a) Loan Guaranty Processing Center (LGPC) has two physical locations one in Hazard, Kentucky and one in Sacramento, California that are linked technologically into one process for efficiencies and optimal staff utilization. The Center was created to centralize SBA’s 7(a) loan guaranty processing function into a single national loan process.

This centralization provides increased standardization of the loan origination process and a more consistent response time for lenders. The ultimate goal of the Center is to provide professional and timely service to SBA’s valued lending partners.

You, as an SBA lending partner, can help in the achievement of that goal by using the Centralized 7(a) Loan Submission Instructions and Eligibility Questionnaire that you will find in the Forms Library off the LGPC home page, when submitting loan packages to the center.

Lenders may submit loans and or trailing documents and servicing actions (327s) through email to

Lenders may call the Center with questions or use email by sending questions to