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How to request liquidation status transfer

The process begins when you notify SBA to reclassify a loan into liquidation status. Therefore, before any action can be done at the NGPC the loan will have to be transferred into liquidation status.

For loans not currently in liquidation, please contact the SBA service center handling the loan, as follows:

Fresno CLSC
559-487-5803 (fax)

Little Rock CLSC
501-324-6072 (fax)
The SBA will acknowledge your notification and authorize you to accelerate the maturity of the defaulted loan, if appropriate. In addition, you will also be authorized to continue servicing this account and, should liquidation and/or litigation become necessary, completely liquidate or sue upon any loan instrument. Please note that you are required to pursue the entire indebtedness regardless of the guaranteed percentage or any purchase thereof.