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Office of the Chief Financial Officer | About US

About Office of the Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the financial leadership of the Agency. This includes responsibility for all Agency disbursements, management and coordination of Agency planning, budgeting, analysis and accountability processes.

Tami Perriello
Chief Financial Officer
Tami.Perriello@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)
202 205-6449

Timothy Gribben
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Timothy.Gribben@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)

Jason Bossie
Office of Performance Management
Jason.Bossie@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)

Emily Knickerbocker
Office of Planning and Budget
Emily.Knickerbocker@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)
202 205-6447

Ed Senseney
Office of Financial Analysis and Modeling
Charles.Senseney@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)
202 205-6442

John Kushman
Office of Financial Administration
John.Kushman@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)
202 205-6506

Nathaniel Reboja
Office of Financial Systems
Nathaniel.Reboja@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)
202 205-6442

LaNae Twite
Office of Internal Controls
LaNae.Twite@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)
202 205-6449

William Cody
Acquisition Division
William.Cody@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)
202 205-6506

Sue Cirocco
Finance Division
Sue.Cirocco@sba.gov(link sends e-mail)