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Denver Finance Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Denver Finance Center (DFC) is to provide the highest level of quality service to our internal and external customers in the areas of financial management, administrative and programmatic accounting and financial reporting and to strive to be a leader in electronic government.

Key Values

  • Be customer driven

  • Be a flexible, highly motivated and skilled team

  • Ensure a strong internal control environment

  • Embrace change that results in improvement

Organizational Responsibilities

Management and Administration Staff

This staff assists with functions related to strategic planning, performance management, policy and procedures, human resources, budget, purchasing, mail operations, facilities and all other administrative tasks for the DFC.

Administrative Accounting Division (AAD)

This division manages the administrative accounting system (currently Oracle), general ledger management, disbursements, receipts, grants, non-payroll employee payments, interagency payments, travel, credit cards, relocations, etc. The AAD also manages the HelpDesk for all administrative inquiries.

Financial Operations Division (FOD)
This division is comprised of two teams. The Cash Initiatives Team is the center’s "think tank" for researching and implementing progressive e-government initiatives. The Collections Control Team is the Agency’s centralized intake for all collections through a network of lockboxes and other electronic and manual payment processes. The FOD also manages a centralized intake point for all programmatic inquiries called the ActionDesk.

Programmatic Accounting Division (PAD)
This division is comprised of two account servicing teams. These teams are responsible for maintaining the official loan accounting records for all SBA programs and ensuring the quality of loan data for financial reporting purposes. In addition, they work in liaison with program offices to assure that proper accounting stays in pace with new and changing loan programs.

Financial Reporting Division (FRD)

This division has primary responsibility for the preparation of the SBA’s quarterly and annual financial statements as well as all internal and external reporting of financial management information on a periodic and ad hoc basis. The Reconciliations Team works with all internal systems and the Department of Treasury to reconcile our financial records on a monthly basis.

Financial Assurance Division (FAD)

This is the center’s centralized quality assurance and internal controls function. With the transfer of so many substantial financial management functions to Denver over the last decade, DFC has become a "center of scrutiny." This division conducts internal and external reviews to assure data quality and controls. FAD is also the primary point of contact for our auditors and other external reviewers (OMB, GAO, etc.).

Key Points of Contact

ActionDesk – Loan Programs

(303) 844-2411

Budget and Purchasing

(303) 844-2021

Travel Cards

(303) 844-3780

Internal Controls

(303) 844-5747


(303) 844-3869

Oracle/Administrative Payments

(303) 844-3780

IPAC Payments

(303) 844-5704


(303) 844-4816

Administrative Systems

(303) 844-7099

Procurement / Acquisition

(303) 844-3499