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Office of Financial Administration

Mission Statement

To ensure that the quality assurance over financial data, liaison with Federal accounting forums and sound internal controls are an integral part of SBA’s financial management and operations, and to provide quality administrative support to the Office of Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) staff.

Key Objectives

  • To provide an effective Quality Assurance process for accounting functions that affect Financial Reporting.
  • To conduct Accounting Liaison activity to ensure that the Agency is represented in various government accounting forums and that information is shared with appropriate SBA financial management staff.
  • To provide a sound Internal Control system throughout SBA and to monitor audit activity and follow up, and to provide an excellent Performance and Accountability Report.
  • To provide administrative support to the OCFO that is effective and timely.

Summary of Responsibilities

The Office of Financial Administration (OFA) reviews financial data and reports to assure quality, conducts liaison activity with Federal accounting policy forums, facilitates improvement to the SBA’s internal controls, monitors audit status and follow up, develops the Performance and Accountability Report, and provides administrative support to CFO headquarters staff. The Accounting Liaison & Quality Assurance Branch under the OFA is responsible for quality assurance over accounting functions, processes and procedures that affect financial reporting as well as, upon request, certain other functions and processes. It also provides liaison on accounting matters between the Agency and various Federal accounting forums, as well as internally within the OCFO and between the OCFO and other Agency offices.

Administrative activities include the recording and deposit of loan program receipts, approval of administrative transactions in the JAAMS system and other office support duties.

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