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Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Civil Rights | Leadership

Tinisha Agramonte

Assistant Administrator
Tinisha Agramonte

Tinisha Agramonte was appointed the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Diversity Inclusion and Civil Rights(ODI & CR ) formally Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Civil Rights Compliance (CRC) at the U.S. Small Business Administration on June 2, 2013. She serves as the principal advisor to the Administrator and senior executive staff on EEO, CRC, workforce diversity and workplace inclusion matters. She provides leadership, direction, and guidance on building and sustaining a diverse, high performing workforce and cultivating an inclusive workplace that is well postured to successfully achieve SBA’s mission.

Prior to her SBA appointment, she served in various EEO and Diversity and Inclusion leadership positions for the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Army, and Air Force.  She has over 20 years of experience in the EEO, diversity, civil rights, and human relations arenas as a civil servant, consultant, university instructor, and trainer/facilitator at locations in England, Japan, Germany, and stateside. As a seasoned EEO/diversity instructor/trainer, she established and conducted organization-wide training programs, increasing awareness of the strategic business benefits of effectively managing a diverse workforce and extending equal opportunity to all. During all of her tenures, she established and led initiatives that were recognized as best practices in the federal government.

As a highly regarded diversity practitioner, Ms. Agramonte is frequently invited to speak on diversity issues at national conferences and for other Federal agencies. She also taught EEO and Alternative Dispute Resolution courses for the Air Force, and senior-level Diversity Management courses for Chapman University.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from California State University, Hayward and her Master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma.