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If you own a manufacturing business, you could be missing out on a great opportunity: selling to the U.S. government.

Although bidding on government contracts can be quite different than your normal sales approach, the process can be quite rewarding. Besides, you have an important factor in your favor: The federal government is required to set aside a portion of its manufacturing contracts specifically for small businesses. This means that you, as a small business owner, wouldn't necessarily have to compete with the large defense- and government-contracting firms that many people are familiar with.

The following resources can assist your efforts to compete for manufacturing contracts with the federal government.

  • The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) defines manufacturing companies as establishments engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products. This definition can be applied to whole products or parts, but does not include construction, which is a different industry. To learn more about the manufacturing industry from a government-contracting perspective, we recommend you read more about it here.
  • Another great resource for small manufacturing business owners who are interested in doing business with the government are Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs). PTACs form a nationwide network of procurement professionals providing free and low-cost, hands-on help to small businesses seeking to compete for federal government contracts.  PTACs have assisted several manufacturers in competing for, and winning,  contracting bids.