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September 27, 2006

To: Chief Acquisition Officers (CAO)

From: Karen Hontz, Associate Administrator for Government Contracting

SUBJECT: Identifying Reasons for Discrepancies in FY05 Small Business Contracting Data

This is a follow up to the September 26,2006 attached memo to the heads of your agencies from SBA Administrator Steven Preston and OFPP Administrator Paul Denett regarding discrepancies in the Small Business Goaling Report for Fiscal Year 2005. The memo asks that you work closely with SBA to correct or reconcile these apparent data inaccuracies and reporting discrepancies and report in the attached reporting format to SBA.

Your office should have received by now a list of firms included in the Small Business Goaling Report that were found to be "other than small". If you did not receive such a list, please contact me immediately and we will get a copy to you. We are asking that your office research each vendor, determine how they came to be coded as small, and report back to the SBA. We are looking for one of three answers:

  • The vendor was small at the time of award, or small for a specific NAICS code

  • The record should not have been coded as small and has been corrected by your office

  • Your agency was not the awarding agency, and you have contacted that agency for corrective action.

Several agencies have already submitted this information to SBA, and we thank them. If you have not yet provided your clarifications, please send the information by November 20, 2006 to SBA's Chief of Staff Joel Szabat ( joel.szabat@sba.gov) and copy Stephanie King ( stephanie.king@sba.gov). Stephanie is available to answer any questions you may have. Her number is (202) 205-6895.

Thanks for your help.


See attached PDF for original letter with signatures.

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