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Letter Establishing Small Business Scorecard Process

This letter, dated November 14, 2006, describes the scorecard standards. In addition, identical letters were sent to all agency heads with agency-specific small business goal achievement percentages. The following agencies are included:

  • Department of Agriculture

  • Department of Commmerce

  • Department of Education

  • Department of Energy

  • Department of Defense

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Department of Homeland Security

  • General Services Administration

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Department of Interior

  • Department of Labor

  • NASA

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commision

  • National Science Foundation

  • Office of Personal Management

  • SSA

  • Department of State

  • Department of Transportation

  • Department of Treasury

  • Agency of International Development

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Department of Health and Human Services

  • to the Attorney General

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