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The Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts (FOI/PA) Office is the principal contact point within the SBA for advice and policy guidance on matters pertaining to the administration of the FOI/PA. Experienced personnel are available to respond to FOI/PA related inquiries at (202) 401-8203 or at

For inter-agency contact purposes, a link is provided below that lists the principal FOIA administrative and legal contacts at all federal agencies.

  • In some instances (e.g., the Department of Defense), all major agency components are listed individually under the agency.

  • In other instances (e.g., the Food and Drug Administration), major agency components are listed separately.

  • In still other instances (e.g., the Department of Labor), no components are listed, as it is the agency's preference that all FOIA contacts be made through its main FOIA office. 

Where both the administrative and the legal contacts (marked "A" and "L," respectively) are at the same address, the common address follows the name of the legal contact.

Principal FOIA Contacts at Federal Agencies