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The Office of Veterans Business Development (OVBD), U.S. Small Buisness Administration has issued Program Announcement No. VBOC- 2014-01 and accompanying forms and worksheets for the Veterans Business Outreach Center Cooperative Agreement opportunity.

Organizations interested in submitting proposals for the funidng opportunity must do so through the grants.gov website.

  1. Programs Announcement for Veterans Business Outreach Centers - VBOC 2014-01 (Region IX Only - States California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and Guam)
  2. OVBD Forms and Worksheets

    1. List of Attachments

    2. Narrative

    3. OVBD - Form 424

    4. OBVD - Form 424a

    5. OBVD- Budget Worksheet

    6. Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

    7. Indirect Cost Rate Allocation Worksheet

    8. SBA Form 1623

    9. Drug Free Certification

    10. SBA Form 1711

    11. Other Documentation

Reporting Documents

  1. Form -270

  2. Budget Worksheet

  3. Form SF-PPR

  4. Form SF - 425