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Business Loans and Lender Oversight

This section contains reports relating to Business Loans and Lender Oversight for the Office of Inspector General.
Date Issued Report Number Title
2012-11-15 13-07 Audit Report 13-07: The Small Business Administration’s Improper Payment Rate for 7(a) Guaranty Purchases Remains Significantly Underestimated
2012-09-28 12-20R Audit Report 12-20R: Addressing Performance Problems of High-Risk Lenders Remains a Challenge for the Small Business Administration
2012-09-27 12-23R Audit Report 12-23R: 504 Recovery Act Loans were Originated and Closed in Accordance with SBA Policies
2012-08-16 12-18 Report 12-18: A Detailed Repayment Ability Analysis is Needed on High-Dollar Early-Defaulted Loans to Prevent Future Improper Payments
2012-03-23 12-11R Report 12-11R: High-Dollar Early-Defaulted Loans Require an Increased Degree of Scrutiny and Improved Quality Control at the National Guaranty Purchase Center
2011-09-30 ROM 11-07 ROM 11-07- Origination and Closing Deficiencies Identified in 7(a) Recovery Act Loan Approvals
2011-08-25 ROM 11-06 ROM 11-06– Material Deficiencies Identified in Five 7(a) Recovery Act Loans Resulted in $2.7 Million of Questioned Costs
2011-07-13 11-16 Report 11-16 - Banco Popular Did Not Adequately Assess Borrower Repayment Ability When Originating Huntington Learning Center Franchise Loans
2011-06-29 ROM: 11-05 ROM 11-05 - Material Deficiencies Identified in Four 7(a) Recovery Act Loans Resulted in $3.2 Million of Questioned Costs
2011-03-02 ROM 11-03 ROM 11-03 - America’s Recovery Capital Loans Were Not Originated And Closed In Accordance With SBA’s Policies and Procedures