Community Navigator Pilot Program

Information for community organizations on how to participate in the Community Navigator Pilot Program.


Program overview

Through the Community Navigator Pilot Program, SBA is engaging with states, local governments, SBA resource partners, and other organizations in targeted outreach for small businesses in underserved communities. 

The program offers funding to nonprofits, state and local governments, universities, and tribal entities to partner with SBA at the center of a hub and spoke network. These hubs then support spoke organizations -- trusted, culturally knowledgeable local groups and individuals -- who will connect to specific sectors of the entrepreneurial community to provide assistance during economic recovery, including:

  • financial assistance and access to capital
  • contracting and procurement
  • marketing, operations, business development, and exporting
  • industry-specific training

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There are 51 grantees broken into the following tiers:

  • Tier 1 - national level:

    (8 awards, max $5M per award)

    Organizations support a minimum of five service areas (not within the same state), containing a population greater than 500,000.
  • Tier 2 - state/local level:

    (11 awards, max $2.5M per award)

    Organizations support an individual state, region, municipality, or city with total service population of greater than or equal to 500,000.
  • Tier 3 - local level:

    (32 awards, max $1M per award)

    Organizations support a region, municipality, city, tribal or rural community with total service population of less than 500,000.

See the Community Navigator Pilot Program grantee announcement.

Curriculum and marketing materials

SBA offers educational curriculum and marketing materials to help Community Navigator counselors.

Last updated March 27, 2023