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Office of Advocacy

Office of Advocacy

The December-January issue of The Small Business Advocate newsletter features new research from Advocacy, the chief counsel’s review of 2013 highlights, and the chief economist’s perspective on the important policy choices of 2014. The issue also includes reports on regulatory activities in several areas that affect small business: crowdfunding, cybersecurity, reverse auctions, and critical habitat designations.

To provide transparency, Advocacy makes available its annual budget requests, strategic goals, performance reports and plans for the future, as well as related documentation on performance indicators. This information helps stakeholders and the public understand how Advocacy works to accomplish its mission of serving as the voice of small business in government, both through regulatory advocacy and in the development and dissemination of data and research products that help policymakers and small businesses make more informed decisions.

Read current and previous Congressional Budget Justification/Annual Performance Reports.  The Congressional Budget Justification/Annual Performance Report reflects the President's budget request for Advocacy, and includes the office’s requested budget levels, past performance based on established indicators, and performance plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

Testimony of

Major L. Clark, III.

Assistant Chief Counsel for Advocacy

U.S. Small Business Administration


United States House of Representatives

Committee on Small Business

Subcommittee on Contracting and Workforce


United States House of Representatives


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