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Avery Group, Inc.

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Avery Group, Inc.

Avery Group, Inc.

Leatora Jefferson, founder and president of Avery Group, Inc. (right), and Mary Agostine, Project Manager at Ketchikan Coast Guard dining facility celebrate Avery Group’s receipt of the Galley of the Year Award by the Coast Guard.

Company Name:
Avery Group, Inc.
El Segundo, CA

What started as a dream for Leatora Jefferson turned into a reality in 2003 when Jefferson established her own food and dining services company. Today, Jefferson’s company - the Avery Group, Inc. is located at military bases and private sector locations throughout the United States and provides jobs to hundreds of employees. Jefferson was the sole proprietor of The Avery Group, when she was certified by the SBA’s 8(a) Program as a small, minority-owned, disadvantaged, and woman-owned firm. For two years, Avery Group was not able to win any contracts.

The turning point for Jefferson came in 2005, when The Avery Group was incorporated – and renamed Avery Group, Inc. Jefferson then initiated an SBA approved Mentor Protégé relationship with a larger graduated 8(a) firm with exceptional experience in the food service and dining facility attendant services throughout the United States.

Using the exceptional past performance and experience of their Mentor, Avery Group, Inc. was able to sole source their first full food service contract at Ketchikan Coast Guard Station located in Ketchikan, Alaska. A company that started employing only 15 people and earning approximately $500,000 in revenue per year has grown to employing over 300 people at seven project locations in 3 states and earning in excess of $6 million in revenue per year.

The SBA 8(a) certification has assisted the company in acquiring numerous projects that are set aside specifically for woman-owned companies by the Department of Defense and has helped Avery Group to build relationships and credibility in the food services sector. Avery Group, Inc. currently operates seven full-food services contracts at Army bases, Marine Corp. Stations and Coast Guard Stations across the country.

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