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Crystal Finishing Systems, Inc.

SBA 100

Crystal Finishing Systems, Inc.

Crystal Finishing Systems, Inc.

A part in the powder coating line at Crystal Finishing Systems in Schofield, Wisconsin.

Company Name:
Crystal Finishing Systems, Inc.
Schofield, WI

Mark & Laurie Matthiae started Crystal Finishing Systems, Inc. in June 1993. In a short amount of time, Mark and Laurie needed to come up with money, a facility, equipment and a few dependable people.  They rounded up $5,500 in cash and took out a second mortgage on their house to finance the start of their company. 

The company began with three employees, a simple dip line for coating and one small spray line for top coating with air-dry spray.  Today, the Matthiae’s have five facilities housing seven divisions.   The seven divisions illustrate the variety of services now provided by the company including: High Performance Coatings, Aluminum Extruding, Powder Coatings, Plastic’s Coatings, Powder Coating and Warehousing.  

Mark and Laurie Matthiae received their first SBA-guaranteed loan in 2001 for approximately $1 million to expand their facilities, acquire additional equipment and create lines of credit.  The second $1 million loan in 2005 was used to purchase land for an expansion.  Before their first SBA loan in 2001, there were 130 employees.  Currently there are more than 350 employees and forty job openings.  Crystal is predicting a record year for 2011 and hoping to employ approximately 500 people by 2012.  

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